Introducing Jessica Leggett


It’s hard to believe Jessica Leggett joined the MAF Board of Directors just a few months ago – it feels like she’s been with us forever! Jessica joined the Board this past summer, and she’s hit the ground running. She supported us in the preparations for the Lending Circles Summit, delivered remarks at the MAFter Party, and even joined us for our holiday party at Urban Putt! But most importantly, she’s leveraged her investment, entrepreneurial, and business experience to provide invaluable guidance to us on our development efforts.

Here’s a little about Jessica.

What do you do in addition to being a MAF Board Member?

I run my own business: 7 Gold, an angel-investing platform that invests in mission-driven, early-stage businesses. I started 7 Gold almost 3 years ago after working for several large investment firms in New York.

How did you first “meet” MAF? What inspired you to join the Board?jessica-leggett-headshot

When I first moved to the Bay Area, I got involved in the Tipping Point Community. I had been involved at the Board level with an organization back in New York, and I wanted to find a way to get involved out here. Being a Tipping Point grantee is a badge of honor, so it said a lot to me about MAF that they’d earned that recognition. I was interested in FinTech businesses – I’d invested in one. So MAF caught my attention.

In my non-MAF work, I’m meeting and working with a lot of companies that are very innovative, and that are at the stage of focusing on rapid growth – and changing the world! I’m excited to take the exposure I have in my for-profit work and apply it to MAF’s continued growth.

So what’s next? What are you looking forward to in your role on the MAF Board?

I see MAF at a really interesting crossroads. We’ve identified a problem, figured out a solution, created a product, and proven it to be successful. Now we’re at the moment of determining how much we want to continue scaling the solution and how much we want to drill down more deeply into the problem to find other powerful, complementary solutions. I’m excited to be part of that process: strategizing and figuring out next steps!


Welcome to the family, Jessica!

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