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  • “MAF’s unique lending model allows low-income individuals and families to build the credit they need to get student loans, rent apartments and buy homes on their way to overcoming poverty. With 1.3 million people too poor to meet their basic needs in our community, this life-changing work is more critical than ever.”
    Daniel Lurie, CEO + Founder, Tipping Point Community

  • “Partnering with MAF, we’re able to affect real change in the lives of real people. Empowering them with the right tools and knowledge to make wise financial choices leads to improved credit scores, reduced debt, more savings and, ultimately, a better life.”

    Mel Martinez, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • “Mission Asset Fund programs create a pathway for people to build their credit, start successful businesses, get out of debt, buy homes, and save for college – building blocks for the futures they want.”

    Gary Cunningham, Northwest Area Foundation

  • “MAF is neither just a service provider nor just a think tank. It is a new type of hybrid organization that blends the best of theory and practice, building both local communities and the asset building field.”

    Bob Uyeki, Y&H Soda Foundation

  • “The work that Mission Asset Fund does is powerful because it recognizes that one’s credit profile is an asset.”

    Jennifer Tescher, CFSI

  • “Lending Circles meets participants’ immediate needs, builds their credit scores, and sets them up for future access to affordable mainstream finance.”

    Amy Brown, Ford Foundation

  • “Through their social lending model Lending Circles, powered by Salesforce, MAF provides needed financial education and social loans to those most in need.”

    Chris Himes, Salesforce Foundation

  • “A key factor in improving one’s economic potential is having access to safe and affordable financial products, coupled with the knowledge to use them responsibly. From Day 1, Citi has been a proud supporter of MAF’s social loan programs, which are proven to improve credit scores and empower low-income individuals as they seek to build better lives for themselves and their families.”

    Bob Annibale, Citi

  • “Pioneers blaze new paths and the Mission Asset Fund is no exception. The Levi Strauss Foundation has been a proud supporter fromthe beginning starting with a $1 million seed investment.”

    Daniel Lee, Levi Strauss Foundation


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