• “MAF is like a financial version of a potluck dinner: Everyone contributes something of their own, but each individual also benefits from what everyone else brings to the table.”

    Isa Hopkins, Grist

    Better communities start with MAF.

Millions live in the financial shadows

When hardworking families can’t get car loans or own homes, they turn to payday lenders and check cashers to make ends meet. High cost fringe financial services trap people in a cycle of debt, preventing hardworking families from realizing their true economic potential.


54 million people are without access to affordable credit. 17 million people don’t have access to bank accounts.


1 in 4 families turn to fringe financial services for their daily needs.


Being invisible costs more. Payday lenders charge 391% to 521% interest for payday loans.

We meet hardworking families where they are.
And then, we build on what they have.

the solution is simple

The solution can be found in the hidden strengths of communities across the country. People come together to lend and borrow money with each other. We connect this practice with the financial system so that borrowers can build credit and a brighter future.


People lend and borrow with each other all the time. We recognize this practice and use credit reporting to make it visible.


We help people navigate the financial marketplace and develop programs that transform everyday financial practices into savings and credit building opportunities.


We use technology to expand our programs nationwide. With a network of nonprofit providers, we are able to help low-income people across the country.

  • “One-third of people who participate in Lending Circles lack any type of credit history when they enter the program. After completing a single lending circle, these individuals can grow their credit scores to approximately 600, and gain access to mainstream credit.”

    Senator Lou Correa

  • “NCLR is happy that MAF is leading California in expanding access to safe and affordable financial resources to its hard-working families.”

    Marisabel Torres, NCLR

  • “We have seen how families use the Lending Circles to reduce their debts, buy school materials for their children, buy gifts for the holidays, and invest in their small businesses.”

    Jorge Blandon, Family Independence Initiative


Diana 2 300x300

The Freedom to Move: My DACA Journey

How DACA gave me to opportunity to make my parents sacrifices count, and to help others

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6 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss the Lending Circles Summit 2016

Members of our Partner Advisory Council share why they’re excited to converge on SF for #LCSummit2016

Kelsea McDonough
Kimberly Ynes Tamales DACA MAF

Escuela de Derecho y Tamales: DACA Abre las Puertas para Kimberly

Con la ayuda de Lending Circles, Kimberly está terminando sus estudios universitarios y prepara sus solicitudes para la escuela de derecho mientras ayuda a su madre y hermana a hacer crecer el negocio familiar de tamales.

Kevin Gardner
MAF 2015 Annual Report Building Better Square

Building Better: 2015 Annual Report

Take a look back on what you helped build in 2015 - and get a sneak peak at what's next!

Kelsea McDonough

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Univision Mission Asset Fund

¿Por qué es importante tener un buen historial crediticio?

Tener un historial crediticio en este país puede abrirle las puertas a nuevas oportunidades financieras, pero, ¿qué se puede hacer cuando nos niegan algún producto financiero por tener mal crédito?


Designing for Financial Health

The success of Lending Circles reinforces the importance of knowing your clients holistically in order to serve their needs with consumer-focused delivery. The program tapped into an already existing social practice among immigrant communities, who often pool money for financial support.

Crain's Detroit Business Logo

Chase, Southwest Solutions launch zero-interest loan program for Detroit residents

Southwest Solutions, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and MAF announced Thursday that they have launched a zero-interest loan program for Detroit residents.

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Southwest Solutions, JPMorgan Chase and Mission Asset Fund Launch Peer Lending Circles to Boost Credit Scores of Detroit Residents

Southwest Solutions, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Mission Asset Fund (MAF) today announced the launch of Lending Circles, a new social loan program that will allow Detroit residents to safely build credit through zero-interest loans.

It’s not enough to feel good about the work we do. We care about having a real, tangible impact.
That’s why we validate our programs through third party-research.
This way, we measure our impact and use data to improve our programs.

We believe everyone deserves a shot at success.
Join us in making the financial system work for everyone.

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Investing $100 generates $4,000 in social loans helping families build credit and a better future.